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Open for regular business; appointments encouraged

We are open for business during our regularly scheduled hours. Although we would like to continue serving everyone outside the office (curbside), the weather is starting to turn. As such, we will be allowing patrons to enter the office to conduct business, while still keeping mitigation efforts in effect. We are still strongly encouraging appointments, to limit everyone's exposure during this time. If you will need financing, you must be approved before we schedule an appointment or before a test drive can be conducted. Please fill out our online application to start the process: https://www.djsautocarsales.com/creditapp
To mitigate risk, we ask you:
Not to make an appointment if you are experiences symptoms of COVID-19 - and cancel your appointment if you develop them or for any other reason cannot keep your appointment. If you are exhibiting symptoms, we will cancel the appointment on the spot for our safety, whether or not you have been previously tested for Covid-19.
To have no more than (2) people at your appointment
Wear at least a DIY mask. Even though DIY masks are not 100% effective for protection from getting COVID-19, they are still effective at mitigating your risk of spreading and risk of exposure. If you are not wearing a mask or not properly wearing a mask (mask pulled down below the nose or below the mouth), we may deny service. (If you are unable to wear a mask due to a health concern, please let us know before your appointment).
Maintain 6 feet of separation during the appointment. There are blue spots marked on the floor for social distancing purposes; please use them.  We ask that you do not offer your hand for shaking, as we prefer not to have physical contact with our customers at this time.
Wash your hands before and after your appointment.

We will:
Cancel the appointment if we start exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19.
Have no more than (2) of our staff to assist in your appointment.
Wear at least DIY masks.
Wash and sanitize our hands before and after the appointment.
Sanitize keys, steering wheel, door handles, and shift knobs between test drives.
Sanitize pens before and after signing paperwork.
NOT shake hands - for our safety and yours.
When working outdoors, as long as social distancing is maintained, our requirement for masks may be relaxed.
To expedite the process, please note that you will need to provide:
Prior to Appointment:
Valid ID - text or email copy of ID prior to the appointment. We need one of the following: Valid state ID or Driver's License or a copy of a valid passport (if you need to text, we will provide a number you can text when we set up the appointment).
To finalize purchase:
Proof of insurance on the vehicle you are purchasing.
Previous vehicle registration to transfer a plate.
Cashier's check written to D.J.'s Auto Sales LLC 
Credit/Debit card (with 3% convenience fee). If by phone, we must have a copy of the front and back of the card and a note permitting the charge - this can be by text or email. We will not take deposits over the phone if you have not yet seen/test driven the vehicle, as all of our deposits are non-refundable. 

To schedule an appointment or for any questions:
Call: 517-882-6222

These mitigation efforts will remain in effect, regardless of any emergency orders at the City, County, State or Federal level, until the threat of Covid-19 is has been lessened or eradicated. We have staff, customers, and family members that are very high risk and it is important to us to protect these vulnerable people. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.
Stay healthy and stay safe.
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